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A Woman’s Touch: Ann Franklin, Printing Pioneer

Ann Smith was born in Boston, Mass. in 1696 to puritans Samuel and Anna Smith. For some context, this means she grew up during Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713) and witnessed … Continue reading

12 March 2018 · Leave a comment

I gcás ina bhfuil na mná?: Irish Women in Rhode Island

Irish immigrants to Rhode Island have forged an enduring legacy. Famous individuals such as Rev. James McSparran (1680-1757) and philosopher George Berkeley (1685-1753) made their marks on early Rhode Island … Continue reading

16 March 2017 · Leave a comment

A Solstice Almanac Tale

We have just celebrated the Winter Solstice yesterday, Dec. 21st.  Today we look at the seasons of yore, specifically 1795 when the solstice was on the same date.  These are … Continue reading

22 December 2016 · Leave a comment

A 1750 Walnut Stick Attack

Matthew Robinson (1709-1795) was a Newport lawyer. Supposedly minding his own business, walking the street in 1750 when he was attacked by merchant John Banister yielding a “large heavy walnut … Continue reading

6 October 2016 · Leave a comment

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