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Notes on collections and events at the RIHS

Destruction of History/History of Destruction

The architectural history of Rhode Island is a fascinating and frequently¬†researched topic in the R.I.H.S. Collections. Buildings that housed people also housed their memories. While Rhode Island still has many … Continue reading

15 September 2016 · 2 Comments

“Trust To Yr Own Head”: an Account of Hurricane Carol

Today in 1954 Hurricane Carole hit Rhode Island with its full force. Read this first-hand¬†account by Providence resident Gorton Thayer Lippitt (1898-1978) from a recently unsealed folder in the Lippitt … Continue reading

31 August 2016 · Leave a comment

World Elephant Day

Today is World Elephant Day! To celebrate and honor these amazing animals, we decided to re-post a piece written about one of our favorite collection items, The Elephant broadside from … Continue reading

12 August 2016 · Leave a comment

Of Feet and Seats

If you were to eavesdrop on some specialists discussing furniture without seeing the objects they see, you might wonder what you were listening to. Enthusiastic descriptions of curvaceous and sensual … Continue reading

28 July 2016 · Leave a comment

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