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Notes on collections at the RIHS

Rogue Island

Smuggling in Colonial Rhode Island and the Gaspee Affair On June 9, 1772 the British customs schooner Gaspee ran aground in Narragansett Bay while pursuing a Rhode Island sloop suspected … Continue reading

1 February 2019 · 2 Comments

Apothecary Show Globes

Apothecary show globes originally served a practical purpose as a way to distinguish between an apothecary’s shop and other businesses. They were first introduced on the streets of Britain as … Continue reading

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Nantucket Indian Princess

According to the Publications of the Rhode Island Historical Society, vol. 3, Catalogue of Portraits, 1895, p.102: “The painting referred to in the publication as An Indian Girl, is a portrait of one … Continue reading

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Throughout the first floor of the Mary Robinson Research Center, we have several Hull models of different ships and boats, one of these Hull models is of the “Estelle No.1“, … Continue reading

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