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Notes on collections at the RIHS

Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentines

Selections from the R.I.H.S. Ephemera Collection.


American Makers

George C. Whitney, The Whitney Valentine Company (Worcester, MA*):


Louis Prang “Father of the American Christmas Card”, L. Prang & Company (Boston):



Berlin & Jones Company (New York):



British Designers

Raphael Tuck & Sons (London):



Dobbs, Bailey & Company (London):


Joseph Mansell (London):


German Folding Valentine


Unknown Makers, 19th Century


A Valentine from a teacher of Attica, Ohio, who was killed at the first Battle of Bull Run:

Is there a heart that beats

In unison with mine

A bosom that throbs

With emotions divine

When the name of __

__ she knows

Is there a kindred spirit

Filled with life

A friend with lustrous eye

With rose tints on her cheek

A form that’s beautiful as thine

Lips half parted with a smile

A ruddy-healthful brow

That seems almost to lift

The vail of future years

Unclosing in the misty future

The charms of health

With bliss and wealth

To welcome to our nature

Who would not blush

To be called my “valentine”.

P.S. Please receive this token of my respect from your friend.


~Jennifer L. Galpern, Research Associate/Special Collections


*For more information on the history of Valentines in Worcester, MA check out-

Worcester Historical Museum

‘How Worcester Put the Valentine in Valentine’s Day’ on WGBH

‘The Mother of the Valentine’ on WBUR






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