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Notes on collections at the RIHS

Object Thursdays: Preservation Matters

This week, April 21st through the 27th, is the American Library Association’s National Preservation Week.

In the lobby of the Library we have installed an exhibit of the tools and materials we use to preserve our amazing collections. Stop on by and check it out! The exhibit will be available for a several weeks.

RIHS Library Exhibit Case

Interested in doing some research on how to care for the items in your own collections?

We have the Connecting to Collections Bookshelf sponsored by the Institute for Museum & Library Services available for your use in our Reading Room. It contains these excellent resources to help answer your questions:

How do I care for my papers and photographs?

The AIC Guide to Digital Photography and Conservation Documentation

Photographs Archival Care and Management

Image Permanence Institute Media Storage: A Quick Reference

Caring for Your Family Treasures

How do I care for my objects and art?

Museum Handbook: Part I, Museum Collections, Appendices

Museum Handbook: Part I, Museum Collections, Chapters

The National Trust Manual Of Housekeeping: The Care of Collections in Historic Houses Open to the Public

A Legal Primer on Managing Museum Collections

Caring for American Indian Objects: A Practical and Cultural Guide

How do I care for my plants and animals?

Essentials of Conservation Biology

Global Strategy for Plant Conservation

The Darwin Technical Manual for Botanic Gardens

Building a Future for Wildlife: The World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy

Dr. Burgess’s Mini-Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine

How do I care for my collection if they have been damaged?

Field Guide to Emergency Response

Emergency Response and Salvage Wheel

Information about caring for collections in museums and libraries:

Connecting to the Three C’s: Collecting, Conservation and Collaboration

Promoting Preservation Awareness in Libraries: A Sourcebook for Academic, Public, School and Special Collections

Framework for Preservation of Heritage Collections

Preservation Management for Libraries, Archives and Museums

The Nature of Conservation: A Race Against Time

For even more information about preserving your own collections the ALA has prepared this website: Preserving Your Memories

~Dana Signe K. Munroe, Registrar


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