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Your Revolutionary Past

Most of us a have a rebel or two in the extended family tree, but how many of us have an ancestor who served in the American Revolution? According to the Daughters of the American Revolution, more than 800,000 women have joined the DAR since it was established in 1890 and current membership stands at about 170,000.

People join heritage organizations for many reasons- to give the next generation a sense of connection to their history, to honor the past, to avail themselves of some of the many benefits of membership, or all of the above. Whatever your reasons, if you’re interested in joining the DAR, come to the Library for “Today’s DAR- You and Your Family,” a workshop on the DAR application process led by members of the Rhode Island DAR, November 3rd from 10 am to 12 noon.

Many families have colorful stories passed from generation to generation about links to the Revolutionary past. Producing evidence of those generational links is a different kind of story, which might entail visits to historical records archives you didn’t know existed, extensive sleuthing and a whole lot of patience. Follow the trail of your ancestors in reverse, from you and your children back to that elusive 18th century soldier and, with luck and perseverance, you will arrive at the membership you’re after. You might also . In the process you might also make some surprising discoveries about your family line and envision fuller picture of the lives of some of the individuals in that line.

To register, call (401) 273-8107, ext. 12 or email libprograms@rihs.org. There is a fee of $7.00 for RIHS members, $10 for non-members. Please register ahead as seating is limited.


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