A Lively Experiment

Notes on collections at the RIHS

(Emergency) Repairs Complete

Today wasn’t quite the day any of us had planned. We were closed here at the RIHS Library due to emergency repairs: the pipe coming in from the water main was leaking, and we needed to replace a valve. That meant the water had to be turned off, so no facilities. And that meant we had to close to the public for the day.

Fortunately, our fantastic Buildings & Grounds Super, Edouard Desjarlais, completed the repairs in good time…and eventually, the water department came and turned the water back on. Hooray! We’ll reopen at 10:00 AM on Thursday, October 18, as planned.

The fatal crack in the boiler

Of course, we’re still undergoing some other repairs. Remember the boiler that was removed last week? The new ones came in and have been installed on a rack system in our basement, which is now cleaner than it has ever been.

These are high-efficiency condensing boilers that will work with our new system, but provide us with heat until we have a new system. As the days grow shorter and colder, we’re increasingly excited by the prospect of heat in the Library.

The coil that will heat the first floor (meaning the Reading Room) is still on order, but the workmen think they will have us online with heat to the upper floors, where the collections are stored, by Friday afternoon.

The coil should be in soon, and we have a promise from the mechanical contractors that the coil installation and duct alteration can be done in two days, while we are closed to the public.


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This entry was posted on 17 October 2012 by in Events, News.

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