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HVAC Work Completed

In June, the new HVAC upgrades at the John Brown House Museum were completed. With the dust settled (and nearly all cleaned up), we’ve finally had time to prepare a short slide show to provide an overview of the entire project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Everyone who worked on the project learned a lot, and unlike many construction projects, this one was completed on time, on budget, and with no accidents—barring a curator slamming a finger in a door and a site supervisor getting bruised feelings over what is known as the Great Banana-Doughnut Incident. (JBH Museum staff are very strict about keeping food out of the house as part of the Integrated Pest Management policy.)

We are accumulating data now on the system’s performance as heating season begins. We plan to have more information about the system, and how it works, in the spring, and can post results here then.

–Kirsten Hammerstrom, Director of Collections

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This entry was posted on 13 November 2010 by in News.

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