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Rhode Island Italian Genealogy Bibliography

As a follow-up to this weekend’s excellent session with Barbara Carroll on Rhode Island Italian Genealogy, here’s a list of some articles from Rhode Island History, the Society’s publication, on the topic:

  • Stefano Luconi, “Ethnic Shops versus Chain Stores: Retailing among Italian Americans in theInterwar Years,” vol. 62 (Winter/Spring 2004).
  • Stefano Luconi, “Italian Fascism and the Italian Americans of Providence,” vol. 60, (Spring 2002).
  • Leo E. Carroll, “Irish and Italians in Providence, Rhode Island, 1880-1960,” vo. 28 (Summer 1996).
  • Peter W. Bardaglio, “Italian Immigrants and the Catholic Church in Providence,” vol. 34 (May 1975).

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