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On last years Lovecraft walk

On last year's Lovecraft walk

Saturday August 23, 11:00 a.m.
Celebrating H. P. Lovecraft: A Literary Walk

This walking tour celebrates the life and work of Providence native and author Howard Phillips Lovecraft to mark the anniversary of his birth. Acknowledged genius of occult and horror fiction, Lovecraft’s “Providence stories” (written between 1924 and 1935) provide the basis for this walk.

The tour departs from the John Brown House Museum, 52 Power Street, Providence.
Tickets are $12 per person, and the tour lasts 90 minutes. For more information and to reserve a ticket, please call Dalila Goulart at (401) 331-8575 x45 email programs@rihs.org

Saturday, August 23rd at 5:30 p.m.
RiverWalk: Before the Fires are Lit

After the arrival of Roger Williams in 1636, rivers shaped the life of the city of Providence. The Colonial waterfront was the site of a thriving shipping economy for a young town. Eventually, factories and railroads turned attention away from the rivers and toward the land. After the 1950s, highways and bridges covered the waterways, and the rivers were forgotten.

But that was yesterday! Today, architects and city planners are creating a “new” waterfront. Once again, the rivers take center stage. And no event commands more attention than Barnaby Evans’ WaterFire. Smartly designed walkways, parks, and pedestrian bridges invite strolling, especially on summer evenings. Urban outdoor sculpture and beautiful civic and commercial buildings of varied architectural styles provide the setting for stories of Providence’s fabled past and dynamic present. This walk shares the history of Rhode Island’s capital city and the history of WaterFire.

$10 per person. Reservations requested for this tour. For more information and to reserve a ticket, please call Dalila Goulart at (401) 331-8575 x45 email programs@rihs.org

For a schedule of WaterFire lightings visit www.waterfire.org or call (401) 272-3111. This walk is offered in collaboration with WaterFire.


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